Netbet responsible gambling and how to close a Netbet account

Netbet Wild Coaster Casino promotes responsible gambling and encourages its players to be frugal. To this end, the casino dedicates a page exclusively to this topic, where it offers valuable advice and mentions useful sources of information. Apart from this, players have at hand a number of preventive measures that they can put into practice. We suggest you see further what Netbet’s responsible gambling measures consist of and even how you can close your Netbet account!

The Importance of Responsible Netbet Gaming
Responsible gaming involves adopting a balanced gaming behavior, from the moment you register with Netbet , which does not harm the player in any way. Being balanced means taking several things into account when playing.

These aspects consist more precisely in the length of time spent on the site, the values ​​of the stakes and the account balance, the state of mind you have when you play, any mood swings. All these factors directly influence your gaming behavior.

For example, if you spend too much time playing, you may become impatient and start placing high and risky bets, and irritability may occur.

To remember!
In short, playing responsibly involves staying balanced and restrained so that you don’t develop obsessions and create situations that are harmful to you as a player. All casinos encourage responsible gambling, promote solutions and offer actionable measures for players.
How responsible gaming is promoted Netbet
And the Netbet casino promotes responsible gambling and offers preventive solutions against irresponsible gambling behavior, and if you take some measures from the beginning you will be able to avoid the situation where you will have to close your Netbet account so that gambling does not affect you life. Let’s see what measures can be used for responsible gambling Netbet.

Limits on deposits/losses
At Netbet casino you can set certain Netbet deposit limits and limit losses. Thus, you can control the amounts you can play or lose in a certain period of time. You can set Netbet deposit limits for intervals of a week, a month or even a year.

To remember!
To activate the option, go to the “Responsible Gambling” section after logging into your account, then “Loss/Transfer Limit”. If you want to set Netbet deposit limits in your account, then activate the option in the “Deposit limit” section.
Breaks for Netbet responsible play
You can activate the option that gives you a break from games. So, you can use the “Pause” function for a period of 24 hours, 48 ​​hours, 7 days or 30 days. During this time you will not have access to the account at all and if you have unsettled exchange bets, they will be canceled and the funds will be returned to your account balance. If this suits you, go to the “Pause” section.

Warning messages
Warning messages are an effective measure used for responsible Netbet gaming. The messages will alert you periodically and inform you about the time spent on the gaming platform and the losses you have had, even when playing from the Netbet app . When such a message is displayed, the game will be temporarily suspended.

Limiting playing time
“Session Timer” is another option adopted for responsible gaming Netbet. You can set a certain playing time, at the end of which you will be automatically logged out of the platform.

Netbet account closure / self-exclusion
This can be considered a last resort to combat irresponsible gaming behavior. If the pause function is not enough for you, then you can self-exclude yourself from the games for a period of at least 6 months. During this time, any pending bets remain valid.

After self-exclusion, players can resort to a more drastic solution, namely Netbet account closure. It is recommended, however, that before requesting a Netbet account closure, the previously mentioned measures are tried.

To remember!
Unlike the other measures, in order to be able to close a Netbet account, the player must send a request stating this to customer support.
Restricting access to minors
Prohibited access to minors is highlighted on the site by using the 18+ logo on the Netbet casino Romania platform . However, one of the main purposes of KYC verification is to carefully screen new players so that minors do not gain access to the platform. If the opposite is found, a Netbet account closure will be made automatically.

The identification data of new players is checked very carefully, which is why official documents are requested. From this point of view, a minor cannot get access to the account, but parents are still cautioned to supervise minors, so that their authentication data is not used by them.

Professional advice
On the Netbet Responsible Gaming page, details of the partners in this program who offer advice to players are provided. You can test yourself on this page if you suspect that you are exhibiting irresponsible gaming behavior.

Here you will find two specialized organizations mentioned, namely Gamblers Anonymous and Gambling Therapy. Both names have a link attached, so it will be easy to get to each page.

Useful tips for responsible gaming
First of all, you need to take into account your account balance and adjust the stakes to its value. If you have a small balance, place small and medium stakes, alternating them continuously. However, if you have a larger balance, it is recommended to place varied bets, not just very large ones. By using stakes of different values ​​you can increase your chances of winning, eliminate the possibility of getting bored and you will be able to play more.
Secondly, it is advisable to take into account the time spent on the platform. Try to set a maximum time to spend on the gaming platform before you start playing. You can set an alarm on your phone to ring, or you can use the platform’s warning messages.
If at some point you suspect that you are developing inappropriate behavior, take a break for a day or two and relax. In this way, it is possible to regain the balance and not end up closing your Netbet account later.

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