How you can have a responsible Favbet game right from registration

Why lunaspins88 responsible gaming is important
The lack of balance in the game brings with it bad effects, both financially and personally, that’s why it’s important to know how you can have a responsible Favbet game . Gambling is addictive, which in turn can lead to a negative accentuation of imbalances that can sometimes lead to extreme measures.

The subject is extensively developed by specialists and there is a page dedicated to responsible gambling on the website of each casino where the contact details of the specialists are displayed. And on the Favbet responsible gambling page you will find phone numbers and websites dedicated to counseling services.

Gambling can bring big winnings, but also considerable losses if the player is not in control of himself and bets on the premise of future winnings. Relying on this “maybe I’ll win” is misleading and causes the player to lose sight of important aspects such as the amount of money deposited into the account and the losses suffered.

To remember!
Gambling games are attractive, colorful and have an attention-grabbing theme, but players must have minimal financial discipline and know how to manage their available gambling funds.
The illusion of the big win can be harmful as well as beneficial. For example, if there is a small amount of money left in the account balance, it would be recommended that the player place small stakes and possibly take a break before depositing other funds.

Responsible gambling involves self-control and taking certain precautions. Read on and find out what Favbet casino’s responsible gaming measures are!

How you can have a responsible game Favbet
Responsible gambling is supported by Favbet casino in several ways, more precisely by applying general preventive measures and Favbet casino account limits.
Prohibition of the game for minors

A first measure to support responsible gaming Favbet is to thoroughly verify newly created accounts so that those under 18 years of age cannot access games on the platform. The verification process is straightforward, with new players having to submit a copy of their ID and proof of home address. Then the 18+ logo is displayed on all casino pages.

To remember!
However, users of devices with active accounts are advised to take additional measures to prevent minors from accessing the account, such as using a device lock password.
Favbet casino financial limits
But players can also use certain Favbet account limits. One of these measures consists in configuring Favbet casino account limits. So players can set certain Favbet financial limits for stakes placed, deposits or withdrawals.

Therefore, players can configure financial limits for the stakes placed on the site at Favbet casino. The stake change will take effect 24 hours after its request. The same applies to Favbet casino financial limits for account deposits.

If the player wants to increase the financial limit set for a Favbet deposit , then that change will take effect 48 hours after its request.

These Favbet financial limits come to the aid of the player with the aim of supporting him in reducing potential losses or the development of a certain addiction.

Self-exclusion feature
Self-exclusion is one of Favbet’s account limits that players can call upon. To prevent or curb irresponsible gaming behavior, players may choose to self-exclude for various periods of time.

To remember!
During the chosen time, the player cannot have any access to the account or the funds in its balance. After the end of the period chosen for self-exclusion, access to the account can be resumed, but only after contacting customer support.
Self-exclusion is one of the Favbet casino account limits that can really help in maintaining a balanced gaming behavior.

Favbet casino account closure
If the self-exclusion measure is not enough, players can opt for a Favbet account closure and you can even use the Favbet app to activate this option, as well as the ones above.

Unlike self-exclusion, for a Favbet casino account closure you must contact the customer support team by email, in which you request account closure and specify the username you log into the account with.

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