How to submit documents for a Nitro Casino account verification

What Betflik11 is a Nitro account verification
The Nitro account verification process known as KYC (Know Your Customer) is to verify the person who creates a new account on the online gaming platform. In this way, the casino ensures that the person in question is not a minor and that no money is laundered through the account. How do I check Nitro casino account? You must be wondering this. Let’s find out more.

These checks are made on the basis of certain documents sent by the players. When sending these documents, certain requirements must be met in order not to prolong the verification process. As long as you follow the instructions displayed during the check, it will definitely go well.

To remember!
Submitting the documents takes only a few minutes, and if they meet the casino’s requirements, then you will be notified of the successful completion of the verification within a maximum of 48 hours.
After making a Nitro Casino or any other gaming platform registration, customers must verify it within a maximum of 30 days. The verification is important and failure to complete it leads to the limitation of deposits and the impossibility of withdrawing the existing funds in the account. Furthermore, if KYC verification is not done in time, the money in the account balance as well as the bonus will be canceled and transferred to the state.

A Nitro account verification must be done on time and the process must be completed successfully to avoid loss of funds. Now that we have answered the question of how to verify Nitro account, let’s learn more about documents.

Documents required for Nitro account verification
The main document to make a Nitro account check must be a valid ID and can be a passport, ID card or driver’s license. The second document that is usually required of players is a utility bill, bank statement or tax document that contains the same address as that which is entered in the player’s ID card.

All these documents must not be more than 3 months old and will be sent to the casino in a safe and secure environment. Mobile service bills are not accepted.

If there are no inconveniences, the process will be completed successfully quite quickly. Although the maximum processing time for account verification requests is 48 hours, if there are no problems, it can be completed in 24 hours.

In order not to prolong the Nitro account validation process, before sending the photos of the documents, make sure that they are clear and that all the information contained in them is legible. Then, make sure you include all four corners of the documents in your photos so they don’t look edited. As long as you follow these requirements, everything will be fine.

To remember!
The maximum size of document images is 2 MB and files must be in .jpeg, .png or .pdf format.
If you choose to use a bank card for deposits, you will need to enter its data to verify it. You will thus send a picture of the front of the card in which only the first and last four digits are visible, and a picture of the back of the card in which the CVV code is covered.

How to submit documents for Nitro account validation
Now that you know the answer to the question of how to verify a Nitro account, find out how you can send these documents. To send the necessary documents for Nitro account validation, log in to your account and access the account menu.

Next, go to the “Confirm Identity” section. Here, it will be necessary to choose the method used to make deposits to the account, in other words the source of the funds you will deposit.

So you can choose between your company’s profits, savings, sales of shares or property, dividend payments, loans, gifts, and more. Finally, attach a copy of the identity document and press the finish button.

To remember!
Photos of the documents required for a Nitro account verification can also be sent to the team via email at You will be notified as soon as the KYC verification process is successfully completed.
Why check your account at Nitro casino
A first reason for verifying the newly created account on the Nitro gaming platform is to avoid the cancellation of the account and the existing funds in its balance. The sooner you verify your account, the sooner you will get rid of this worry.

Then, if you do a Nitro account check, you won’t be limited in deposits . A maximum of 900 ron or 200 euros can be deposited into an unverified account. With the freedom to deposit any amount, you will be able to fully benefit from the welcome bonus.

When creating a new account, you will receive a welcome bonus of 100% up to 3,500 ron and 500 free spins and you can request the withdrawal of the bonus only if you have a verified account . This Nitro casino welcome bonus is received for the first three deposits, so you can consider that you will be rewarded three times.

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