Blackjack Software and Casino Sites from Softswiss

Softswiss, a company founded in 2008 with headquarters in Curaçao, began by creating software for online auctions. Since then, however, they have made a seamless transition into the online gaming industry, supplying software to multiple casinos.

This is a remarkable accomplishment given that Softswiss is competing against iGaming titans that have been in the industry for much longer.

They have carved out a niche by emphasizing modern technology, innovation, and service flexibility. Softswiss is also a pioneer in the creation of wagering solutions for Bitcoin casinos.

Consequently, they are an excellent option if you enjoy both Bitcoin and baccarat.

Speaking of the latter, let’s delve deeper into the aesthetics, table configurations, and activities offered by Software blackjack. We’ll also discuss the company’s history and where you can locate their blackjack variants.

General Softswiss Blackjack Aspects

Small Selection with Variations for Multiple Hands
SoftSwiss provides five blackjack variations, two of which are multi-hand games.

While multi-hand blackjack variants are ubiquitous, we don’t consider them genuinely separate games. This is why we say Softswiss has a limited selection of titles.

In the multi-hand version, you play one to three hands per turn, whereas in the standard version, you play one hand per turn. Considering that it takes almost as long to place wagers for three hands as it does for one, many players will enjoy single-hand blackjack just as much.

Visual Displays

The blackjack graphics in Softswiss alter depending on where you gaze on the table.

The finest features of the table are its wooden edge and steel cup receptacles, both of which evoke the atmosphere of a traditional casino.

We also like the chip stacks at the rear of the table because they are rich in detail, including chip stack reflections.

The dullness of the felt diminishes the exhilaration of playing. Additionally, the visuals on the card shoe and background curtain could be enhanced.

Softswiss blackjack appears average and neither enhances nor detracts from the experience.

Table Format

This blackjack software is visually distinct from the majority of other products we’ve reviewed, beginning with the table view.

Instead of providing an overhead perspective, Softswiss games bring you closer to the table surface.

This vantage point is unappealing because it feels like you’re staring at a sea of green felt. If Softswiss was aiming for a genuine perspective, this doesn’t hack it because the view feels like it’s at table level.

A second distinction is that the coins float above the bottom of the screen. Typically, blackjack coins are placed on the right side of the table.

The denominations of poker chips are $1, $5, $10, $25, and $100.

In addition, a sign in the rear indicates that the minimum wager is $1 and the maximum is $100.

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